Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Remembering the King of Pop

Hey guys,

So I spent the last little while watching the tribute to Michael Jackson and because this blog is going to be about him and his life I will try and refrain from swearing - that would be disrespectful. But you know me, I wont be sugar coating anything either. Here's the deal. There are many that say Michael was a child molester etc but the truth is, each time he was accused of it it went away. I mean if your child was sexually abused would you take a pay off or would you spend your last living breath making sure the bastard gets neutered? There is no amount of money you could pay me to make me not go after you if you did anything to my kid. And the second time he was acquitted so now that the man is dead shut up about it. This is like kicking someone when they're down and can't protect or defend themselves and that makes you a coward.

Controversy aside, Michael Jackson has left a legacy. You can say whatever you want to say about him but his music was his way of changing the world. He had lyrics that could make you stand up and take notice and he DARED you to be a better person. Don't know what am talking about? God bless youtube and search engines! Look up "Earth Song," "Man in the Mirror," "Gone too soon", "Have you seen my childhood" "Black or white" I could go on and on but if you don't know all those and the others then you're not a true MJ fan, simple as that.

His music taught us that we can love outside of our culture because if god didn't want us to mix he wouldn't have created us all. He taught us that we can be the change we want in the world. He taught us that if we don't want to save the planet for ourselves, do it for our children and grand children, he taught us that to have children and to raise them we have to think like children sometimes. He taught us that man doesn't have to stand straight, they can lean like a smooth crimminal, glide across the dance floor and spin without fear. He taught us how to save ourselves from the terror of the night by gaining the soul for getting down. He asked us to let loose and rock with him all night. He asked us to remember the time we fell in love and to be invincible. He taught us that a little booty call never hurt any one (keep it in the closet) and that Suzie aint your friend. He taught us to be bad and to tell those morons who want to pick fights with you to beat it. But most recently he showed us that a man can ask his woman to not let go for his hand, he taught the playas how to keep playing the game by making the wanna-bes feel 'threatened.' And for all those lovers out there, he gave us the perfect words to say to our lovers when we want to make love all night.

The man was a musical genius.

Michael has gloved hand in the music, dance routines and lyrics of every Entertainer that came after him, Usher, Chris Brown, Phillip Chebeb, Lil Wayne, Wayne Brady---the list goes on and on and on... Every dance move he's ever done has been tried to be duplicated - from the body wave to the moon walk. While there will never be another Michael, others are welcomed to try. But the truth is, no one can be him. No one can do what he has done. He has managed to bring the whole world together with music. His videos are cutting edge but if you look at his dancers, they are of all races, colours, cultures.

They say everything happens for a reason - and Michael's death happened for a reason we just don't know what it is yet. But I for one have to say that I am happy that I became a fan. His music has helped me in my writing - his music always puts me in the mood to write because for everthing I want to write (Fight scenes, love scenes, death scenes) Michael Jackson has a song for it.

So now I say Rest in Peace Mr. Jackson. You will never be forgotten.

Michael Jackson - 1958-2009


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