Friday, May 25, 2012

When Girls Cry Wolf

This is the face of a man who was a victim of a woman crying wolf...well I wouldn't say woman but an immature little girl.  Brian Banks was a promising football star.  She accused Banks of kidnapping and rape. She was a  friend--and she did this to him.

Banks, once a star middle linebacker at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, had attracted the interest of such college football powerhouses as the University of Southern California, Ohio State University and the University of Michigan, according to the website, which tracks the recruiting of high school football and basketball players. - The Grio
He spent 5 years in prison then was released on probation but had to wear and ankle bracelet so they could keep track of him.  They might as well have just left him in prison. What kind of freedom is taht? Can you imagine, walking around with this thing, trying to hide it or trying to explain it to people when you KNOW you didn't commit the crime?

It dawned on me as a I read this that there are so many women out there who weren't raped but ruins someone's life by accusing them of rape. These are the women that make it impossible for actual rape victims to get justice. This young man didn't need her to ruin his life. If he wanted his life to be in the pits he wouldn't have worked so hard to be so good at his favorite sport. He could wreck his life all by himself. She didn't even give him that chance. According to her, she didn't want to tell the truth after she saw he was being setenced because she didn't want to give up the $1.5 million she was awarded from a civil suit against the school.

When is it that money takes the place of the truth and a young man's life? When is the line that you draw from telling a lie? This man was sent to prison...he was a teenager. He must have been so scared and to top it all off, his lawyer advised him to take a plea? How is that right? There was no way this lawyer gave this young man the best advice. When he asked to speak to his mom about the deal, he was told "no you have to make the decision right now."

And now, even though the charges were thrown out, depending on the law, he will have to go through the process of hanging his record expunged. It never ends just because some prissy little brat was throwing a tantrum.

There was NO reason for Brian to have been convicted because someone somewhere messed up and decide to screw him over by not going to court and his lawyer should have INSISTED on a trial. So many people let this man down it's not funny.

Ladies listen--I am so tired of seeing promising young men being tossed away because you decide to get back at them for whatever reason.  There are different ways to get back at someone without accusing him of a felony.  Leave this to people who were actually raped. Do not put yourself in with their pain because no sane person wants that on them. It's disgusting to tell such a lie and continue with the lie even after you see its about to kill someone's soul.  That's what it is you know? You kill their soul because now they have nightmares from being locked up, their freedom was taken away for five years or however long, its next to impossible to get hired-get a loan-get a credit card-get his license...So don't do it. If you weren't raped do NOT tell people you were. It's pathetic.

Kendra Mei Chailyn

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