Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5 Cups for BROKEN WINGS??!!!

So I'm sitting at work and feeling particualrly down about everything.  Then I went on twitter and my background is the cover for my story BROKEN WINGS that I selve published.  It's a story dear to my heart. I wasn't getting reviews to it and I had all but given up on getting any. I know people were reading it I just didn't know what they thought. So, I thought I would google it and see what cropped up. 

I scanned through the links to youtube of the trailers for it, then scanned through other sites that took the trailer from youtube and posted it and I scanned through a couple of links that had nothing to do with my book.  Keep in mind the link to buy the book has been changed to THIS

Here's what's I found:



ISBN#: Unavailable

January 2009





200 Pages

Sweet/Rubenesque/African American

Rating: 5 Cups
The Review can be found HERE

Monique Winston has been broken by a lifetime of parental abuse. She finds it difficult to move on and forget the hurtful words hurled at her by her mother. Monique is afraid that all black men are bad, and that she will never be good for one, just as her mother predicted.
DeVaughn Cole is a rare musical star who wishes for nothing more than a good woman to love him for something other than his money, fame, and fancy car. He also moved back to his old neighborhood and built his new home where such a woman existed, living right next door.

Monique is a woman trapped in her own world. DeVaughn Cole is a man of the world looking for the woman to be the center of his. Together they must struggle against Monique’s past devoid of any love.

Kadian Tracey takes a close look at the damage of child abuse at the hands of the one person a child should be able to rely upon. I was shocked by the level of abuse and the strength of the main character to get past it and become a woman of her own making. I was captivated from the very first description of parental abuse and was unable to put the book down until I got to see what happened at the end. Broken Wings is a wonderful testament to the strength of an individual’s character no matter what life throws her way.


Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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