Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Be Nice To Your Muse!

Hello! I am Kendra Mei Chailyn (Kadian Tracey) and I am very happy to be a part of this blog! I don't write M/M but I figure every writing has a muse or two or three! I write interracial (mostly) Sensual and sweet romance. I figure addinga touch of heat to certain thing is a good thing. *winks*

The Muse--There's a topic I hadn't written about that in a long time. My muse hadn't gotten that much use this year because I spent most of the year researching about Egyptian Mythology.  Sure, I did some research for my two Shadowcat books. Those had to deal with giant Kyphur cats so it was pretty cool. This research is into a Egyptian God that is lesser known and with that said it takes a lot of digging to find enough, trusting info on him. It's strange how much dusty papers I have to go through and the looks I get when I walk up to librarians and hand them my paper lol.

So let me start my saying this...when it comes to my writing, my head let everybody in!

But that's another blog all together. Today we're here to talk about my Muse.  The strange thing about how I write is that anything can be my muse. The other day I was walking down the street and saw a lady with an orchid in her hair and I get this idea for my story ...The Thing About Love is... and today I was sitting at work talking to this woman on the phone and bam! here comes Pulse. I don't stick to one thing or person and say this is my muse and nothing else! Whenever I get an idea, I hold
on to it for a few days, and if it morphs into this nagging obsession, I begin fleshing it out. My muse
(whatever it happens to be at that time) will keep talking and I keep writing until the story - the skeleton of the story at least- is finished. Then I go in, and do a complete rewrite. When that's finished I see what my muse thinks.

One of the scary sides of the Muse appears when a few of them are in my head at the same time, and they all decide to have a conversation with me, telling me what their stories should be like.  The day I got the idea to write my story In The Name of Love I was sitting by Lake Ontario, just staring at the water. This idea for the story hits me followed closely by another idea for my Egyptian Mythology story and fairly fast after that a second book for In The Name of Love. Of course I ignored the second book idea, I really don't do series--not really my thing (grins yet still after I got it accepted at Passion in Print - they requested the second story - so I wound up writing it anyways!). On another hand, some may argue the scariest part of the Muse is when it's not talking-when all is quiet on the western front--you know, no story ideas? We call that writer's block.

When that happens I find I get irritated, muttering to my muse asking it why hath thou forsaken me? In all honest sometimes I find its better for our muse to take breaks - why? It gives us time to breathe and remember that our mind needs time to re-coop from all we've put it through throughout the past few months of a year in some cases. Just because our muse is always there for us we often times take it for granted. We ignore stories, refuse to write stories or conform to other people's muses throwing tantrums. So, sometimes our muses decide they aren't going to take this crap anymore, pack their things and leave you a Dear John letter.


Be nice to your muse. Feed it, nourish, grow it and once in a while? Give it something a little naughty.

You can thank me later *wiggles brows* lol

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laurie said...

thanks for the great giveaway. i haven't read any of your books and they do so look good

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Oh, I really enjoy reading your post. I will follow your advice. :D

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