Friday, March 13, 2009

Being you is the bravest thing you can ever be...

So, as you all know I am in LOVE with asian music - music in general. But today I saw something that just made me sick. So one of my favorite Korean pop singer is named Se7en (pronounced 7). He is an amazing talent, beautiful voice, amazing dancer. His song "La La LA" made me cry even before I knew what the the song was truly about. Anways he is making his American debut. When I heard this I remember thinking "FINALLY!" others will be able to see how absolutely beautiful this man is. His english song is titled "Girls" and it features Lil Kim and was produced by Dark Child (you know him, he's worked on songs for Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, Brandy, the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys...and the list goes ON). Anyways if you're a singer trying to get into the biz, other than Jazzy Pha and Timbaland, the next best producer to have on your album is Dark Child.

Anyways, I digress. The thing that got me, was the fact that normally Lil Kim looks like herself. She dresses sexy, out there but most importantly she looks like a black woman - a proud one. In this video, someone painted her. Her make up was too light for her skin colour, her eyes were drawn in to look Asian and she just looked strange. I mean I am not saying they are trying to make her look Asian but holy damn! They are professional, you're telling me that they couldn't find make-up to fit her skin? They have been finding the right shades for years and all of a sudden she looked like a drawn up barbie? Now I'm not blaming Se7en for any of this and it could be the lighting on the set and all that because I've done some filming etc for Performance classes but its just unnerving. I keep remembering when I was younger there used to bet hese creams that they told would make our skin lighter...

I don't understand it. I mean she doesn't need an Asian singer to make her name big - she's huge! I mean Lil Kim is HUGE! Especially after her year in jail for not ratting on her friends. So explain to me why, some singers/actors/celebrities are trying to change their skin colour? In today's day and age you have to be proud of who you are because frankly if you cant love yourself enough to be proud of who you are, how in the hell are you going to love someone else?

Please, sit your children down, *especially daughters* and make them see that its not the end of the world to have darker skin. Tell them its a beautiful thing...keep them away from these creams etc. They are dangerous.

I'm not trying to be a little shit starter, I'm just sayin'.


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