Saturday, March 21, 2009

When Music was Actually Music

Hey All,

So tonight, I looked up Rick Astley because - why did I do that? I can't...oh right. I was watching an episode of Family Guy and they were saying Rick was gay. You know Rick Astley - Bristish singer from the eighties with that sexy deep voice most of us were consumed to. He had hits like Cry for Help, Hold Me In Your Arms, Never Gonna Give Up, and a slew of other hits. Recently he had a song titled Sleepin, which I never knew because I thought he stopped singing years ago. But this man is a talent. He can play so many musical instruments thatI lost count.

Anyways, I googled him, just to see if he was really gay - I mean it isnt a big deal but I love to research things before I start saying it was true - a naughty little habit my father has instilled in me - I love it. Anyways, turns out, he is NOT gay. It got me thinking though. Why is it, in today's society if you're in the entertainment industry, and you don't smoke, do drugs, dress like a thug and sing songs that respects woman you are automatically gay? Why is that human beings, as logical, thinking creatures, resort to homophonia when they see something in someone that they do not like?

Rick Astley sang music - remember that? The thing that has notes, and tunes, and taught a lessons or make you feel something? Not the crap they have today. Real music, NOT "move bitch get out the way" or "I like the way you shake it right therrr" I mean what the hell is therrr? ENGLISH! Does no one know what that is anymore?

I am twenty five years old and I LOVE real music. I love Rick Astley, Earth Wind and Fire, Simply Red, Colin James, Corey Hart, Old school Michael Jackson - Remember when they used to do music? Oh my, old skool jams makes me feel things. They make me feel in love, happy, sad, angry, exhilerated, relax - REAL music illicit feelings.

When did "To the sweat drip from my balls" become something that was musically acceptable? When did playing the same three notes for all your songs become creative and talented? When did using a sync to change your voice become acceptable? The sync is that stupid machine that T-Pain and a crap load of artists are using these days to cover their lack of actual talent.

Singers today need to look back and see how REAL singers dressed, carried themselves, spoke, acted etc. They need to stop singing about a woman's ass and start singing about the woman's heart. I am so sick and tired of hearing my friends laugh at me because I would rather listen to Se7en than Yung Buck or Shade instead of some other crap. I mean sure I listen to some of the music they have today but I love every kind of music you can think of. I especially love music from the eighties and before I was born because lets face it, good music is slowly going extinct.

Love you guys,


Francesca Prescott said...

Hi Kadian, I don't know if good music is becoming extinct, but I am definitely bothered by the lyrics of so many of the songs I hear on the radio these days! As for many of the less "rude" (!) musicians getting the gay label, you're right, it is sad, as well as very irritating and so silly. I love discovering new artists so will look up your Korean star. Have you ever heard the Spanish group "Chambao"? Check them out if you haven't, I think they're amazing.

Bekki Lynn said...

I so agree, Kadian. I don't what possesses songwriters to write such crap. It gives a genre a bad rap.
Every genre has it's bad apples.

We listen to all types of music in this house. But something I've noticed with my four sons -- the raunchy stuff doesn't stay around long. Right now, my two youngest listens to christian rock and country.

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