Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why is Fox even Still on Television?


I just realized something, which makes me really have to ask WHY IN THE HELL IS FOX STILL BROADCASING? So the other day, Fox did what they have been doing for years and that is stick their stinking foot in their mouth. And guess what? Bill O'Riley for ONCE had nothing to do with it! Big surprise there! But no big deal. Here's where I have an issue-- when they dis my country, I take STRONG offense. Grey Gutfeld and Doug Benson, you two must be some kind of stupid to think this wouldn't have raised a stink!

Let me get something straight. If you wanted to dis the Canadian government - KNOCK YOURSELF OUT! Because we all know that they are a different kind of stupid - but the military - oh its on!

I could be offensive and dis America too - but why? What would it accomplish? For crying out loud we went into a war with them. Here's a part of what was said by Greg Gutfeld and Comedian Doug Benson had to say

They were spurred by comments from Canada's army chief that the military would need a year's hiatus to regroup and refurbish after its Kandahar mission ends in 2011.

In the Fox News segment, widely accessed on the Internet, Gutfeld said the Canadian military "wants to take a breather to do some yoga, paint landscapes, run on the beach in gorgeous white capri pants."

"Isn't this the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country?" he said. "They have no army."

That opening crack from Gutfeld prompted his comedian guest, Benson, to chime in: "I didn't even know that they were in the war," he said.

"I thought that's where you go if you don't want to fight - go chill in Canada. I guess that'll be their tourism selling point: We're not in the war for a year. So come on by while we nap."

For this once, Fox, I am going to stoop to your disgusting, pathetic low and show you just how stupid you are (I mean your announcers and those who agreed to put these crack-pots on television). You talk crap about us? Might I point something out - For crying out loud! We went into Afghanistan to have YOUR country's ass for eight years because YOUR country was dumb enough to think someone would bomb a country then remain in the same hiding spot! We went there to clean up YOUR country's mess. YOUR country dropped a bomb killing some of OUR men then had the GALL to call it FRIENDLY FIRE! and then went on to go "I didn't even know they were in the war!" How DARE you? HOW DARE YOU! And invade us? Invade us? Are you serious? What are you in the third grade again? Even third graders wouldn't have pulled that one out.

Want to talk dumb? Well let me see - YOUR country can't go to some countries in the world right now, us Canadians can go anywhere we want. YOUR country sent a seven year old boy back to a communist country rather than keeping him in your country to save his life, your country tossed a kid in a prison without a trail for suspected terrorism, your country went in and bombed not one, but TWO third world countries, Your country voted for the same moron TWICE in a row that has managed to do more damange to the whole country in two terms than Nixon could have EVER managed to do - EVER!

What in the hell is Fox's problem? This is taking Freedom of speech and Freedom of the press to a new low. I mean how DARE you try to minimize the roll Canadian troops have been playing in Afghanistan? How dare you minimize the Canadian Troops' work? I mean frigging hell, is this payback for declining to go into Iraq? And you thought Canada was where people go when you don't wanna fight? Are you kidding me? Dude, after all that has happened over the last, I don't know, ten years, you still believe that President Bush was right in boming TWO THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES? Well erm *Dances on table* Helloooo!! DUMBASS!!! WE WERE RIGHT! Show me the WMDs that your country went in for...oh that's right - THERE ARE'T ANY! Show me Osama Bin Ladin that they caught---OH WAIT! YOU HAVEN'T!!

And Greg said that it was a funny way to make fun of the news? Dude, you need to watch John Stewart because even when he made fun of Canada he did it in a way that had even the Canadians laughing and he didn't have to completely take away the honour of those Canadian troops that have been killed in order to do it.

Look, I am happy Canada doesn't have a big army. You know why? Because we have't gone out of our way to piss off the entire world and need a huge army to protect ourselves. We have been civil to people, welcoming and we celebrate people - oh here's a concept, Greg Gutfield, you should try it sometime.

And Doug Benson - boy you is some kinda of stupid (sorry about the ghetto talk right there but it called for it). You're going to dis a country right before going there for a paid gig? Boy haven't your parents ever told you not to bite the hand that feeds you?

Then he's (Greg) is going to say he was sorry - Sorry? Your ass is only sorry because you got called out on your stupidity! You're not sorry- you are just sorry because you got caught!
And oh, for those people who have commented saying that "Canadians are cowards" erm - dude, think about it. Only a Coward would bomb two helpless countries who can't fight back. That's a bully tactic. So who's the coward now? And why am I arguing with you idiots? I mean for crying out loud you're the same people that think Siesta is a mexican word! *rubs temples*

And for the record, we need a break because only morons wouldn't admit fatigue after a Frigging EIGHT YEAR WAR! ooh I'm sorry we show that we're human and our bodies break down like a regular human body would after eight years of heavy wear and tear! What are you brain dead?
The bottom line is, Canadian's have a more suffisticated form of comedy that we get. We don't have to depend on shock tactics to get laughs. That's why a Canadian created Saturday night live and you didn't! That's why one of our Comedy show was retired and not discontinued. And what Greg and Doug did was disgusting, irritating and pathetic. And yes, I too will be boycotting their advertisers for that show - once I find out what they were.

I'm sorry I'm not normally this snide or crabby or mean when it comes to American/Canadian relationship. I am normally the tolerant one but this seriously pissed me off because a lot of good Canadian soldiers are being killed in this war and these upstarts are trying to minimize that. I will NOt tolerate such stupidity. They are dead and can't talk for themselves to it is left to us to speak for them. *Shakes head* Greg and Doug, you two are the two most ungrateful bastards I've ever have the displeasure of hearing about and and I pray that when the Canadian contract is finished in 2011, they withdraw our troops because helping America seems to always come back to bite us in the ass.

Kadian Tracey

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