Friday, September 25, 2009

This Dove is in PAIN!

Hey All,

so, today has been a rather interesting day. So last night I decided to sleep on the ground so that my back had a hard surface to rest on. BAD IDEA! Man, it hurt even more by half way through the night so I got up and haul my body to my bed. The bed doesn't help because it's one of those dorm beds that forms to your body. So I spent the rest of the night lying on my back, tossing, gritting my teeth, turning and whimpering in pain. Why am I in pain? If you haven't read the other blog from a few days ago - I pulled a muscle in it while at the gym on Tuesday. Woke up this morning and could barely get out of bed.
Moving on, this morning I had a big day planned. It was all planned. I wanted it all to go smoooooothly. I'm gonna stop here to tell you, never plan your day. It never go like you want it. Here's proof.

This pic of the pole looking thingie, is a piece of artwork of recycling containers. I thought it's kinda cool.

My friend and I are taking this Theatre history course and she travelled the other day and left her book at the place where she stayed so they now have to ship it. She has NO idea when they will ship it so she asked to borrow my book to photo copy the first chapter so she doesn't fall too behind for reading since it's almost October and exams are quickly approaching like a ninja wearing slippers. (for those of you who doesn't get that joke, it means the Ninja is coming really fast and quietly. so exams are coming--well you get the picture). Anywho, she was supposed to visit me this morning at ten before I went to get the money the school owed me (FIN-fricking-A-ly!) then I was gonna come back home, she was going to call me to make sure I was back to bring the book back to me. Then I was gonna waddle my pain-riddled booty to the groceries (A half an hour walk on a good day) and get aspirins for my pain. But to top it off, I was gonna wake up at ten to get that all done.

First thing to go wrong, didn't wake up when my alarm went off at ten. Hit my snooze button twice -while thinking perhaps if I had an open window I would have sent my alarm clock flying-and got up at ten thirty. Wanted to take a shower but bending over hurt so I bypassed that. Got dressed (took me a good five minutes to get my pants alone on ugh) and sat down with a pillow behind my back for half an hour waiting for my friend but she never showed. Got pissed off and waddled to school (when I wasn't supposed to because I have the day off but I had to work around their schedule if I wanted my money back) only to see a giant ass line! Then to make it worse, only two people were working at peak time. I was livid. I wonder if they believe that it's only students, they won't complain, they have to do what we say! Two people for a university Cashier's office, at 11 o clock in the day when everyone is out of class! So I jamed on my mp4 player to some Pink (if you haven't heard the song 'funhouse' yet, you should. It's on youtube), Prince and Epik High. I was half way through Michael Jackson's Blod on the Dance Floor, when I finally got to the window. I showed my id, got my cheque and left. I finally got to stop for breakfast (now this was about a little after mid-day. I should have eaten at ten because I am on a diet and have to eat every four hours) and waddled back home.

I got home, still no call from my friend and I wanted to be a good girl so I left her a facebook message. Waited ten minutes then waddled half an hour to the grocery shop. Now check this out, I went for aleve and toilette paper. I shopped, came home, had a really nice cab driver who helped me carry my heavy bags, since I bought a 24 pack of water (it was on sale at 2.49 a pack for 24! I'd have to be nuts to pass that up). Got home, started talking to my friend Scottie on yahoo messenger then it hit me. I palmed my forehead and moaned, I bought the Aleve because with the pain in my back how could I forget that!? But I forgot toilette paper! It's not that I was out, but I will be by tomorrow so now I have to finish this blog, haul my booty BACK to the store instead of lying on my back doing nothing like I wanted to do! Burn that! I am TOOTALY taking cab - Can't make the walk twice in one day especially in this sun. Anyways, I'd better do it now since I have talked myself into it or I'll be sorry tomorrow... And yes, I did find time to take some pics--I took them with my MP4 player which I probably should have charged while I was sitting here typing this all out and loading the pics ---*sigh* It's just been a rather bad and irritating day and it's only one thirty...

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