Thursday, September 24, 2009

I got new model!

Hey ma babies

I am blogging with some sweet news! Remember my fanmail? Well after getting that I've decided to actually stop procrastinating (my second favourite past-time) and do the Major revisions needed for my short story Greyson's Heart. I have re-titled it Greyson's Second Chance and given it a new cover. That is just half the most excellent news.

The rest of the most awesome news? I have an actual model on the cover!!His name is Adnan - isn't he fabulous? Wait I have to say it right FAB-U-LOUS! I met him in high school and he's a really good friend. He's currently roaming the world like nomad but technology has kept us close. I miss him terribly but facebook and MSN are beautiful things in times like this. He has so graciously, blushes and all, agreed to be my cover boy whenever I need him and I needed him for Greyson. I didn't want a face that was seen on other covers all the time from all the other stock photo places.

Anyways, enough gushing about my fantabulous Adnan, my back is still hurt because of that pulled muscle but I am feeling much better. I am so tired--stayed up all night making that cover then stayed up till almost 5 AM torturing Adnan it was such fun but now I am *yawn* exhausted.

And guess what, I have a FULL day of classes today... But am not complaining don't talk to the boy as much as I used to --I used to talk to him every day at school---and then BAM! We had to grow up...*Sigh* don't you just hate when real lige get in the way? lol.

Anywho again, must focus on this class



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