Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So, I am finally back in the hole - erm I mean Univeristy, and already the school managed to mess with me. I don't know I think they get off on driving me insane but after three weeks of fighting with them I am finally getting my money back! Well they screwed up on my meal plan and blah blah frigging blah. So it took them one click to mess up everything and three bloody weeks to fix it. *woosaaaah* Am good (a little Martin Lawrence: Bad Boys reference there).
So after they fixed all that, I had to use all my party money to buy my books until I can get money from them. Can you tell me how long it takes to write a cheque have it signed and I pick it up. Man--red tape is EVERYWHERE! So I told them I wanted the money and I have to wait a week to get it. So I finally bought all my books at RIDICULOUSLY expensive prices! One was gonna cost me $150 in the bookstore. I bought it on Amazon, paid for shipping and handling, paid for it to get t me in three days and didn't spend over $100! So see? They are expensive for no reason which pissed me off but guess what? I graduate soon! (God willing I get through this English class! It's driving me absolutely bonkers!).
One of my baby sister's birthday is coming up September 28 and she'll be hitting the big 21! Can you believe? I have a baby sister that's 21! OMG! *gasp and pulls hair out* So I have to buy her something absolutely smashing. Don't know what it will be yet though. I have until Saturday to figure it out, then I have to ship it to her which will take a while--oopsie I guess I should have planned this better she will get it soon, even if I have to express mail it to her. Wow, I have a sister that's turning 21....

Anyways, I found this new radio station (106.7-the beat of Detroit) that comes outta Detroit that's playing 10 000 songs in a row without commercials! You read that right, 10 000, it wasn't a typo. I am listening to see if they could actually do it because they would have to play at least 130 songs a day for at least eighty days (took radio broadcasting in college so the math was fairly simple). So far they've been doing well. They've been playing songs from the sixties all the way up today and it's been one big party in my room since I found it. I've been 'shaking it like a polaroid picture' every time I'm in my room lol. But seriously, I've heard songs I haven't heard in a while like "Creep" by TLC, (it was greate to hear Left Eye Rap again since she died a few years ago), Let Me Love You Down, Tell Me What You Want Me To Do, Oh Sheila, Who Is It? ---a whole slew of oldies that I've been in love with even though most of them were released beforeI was even a sperm lol. After listening to this station I really need to update my jam box on the side of my page.

Anyways, I am at school, trying to keep up with reading, writing, social life, job hunting for once I graduate, travel prices and all that good stuff...but I should probably get to some editing lmao.

*sings Love Game by Lady Gaga*


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