Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let the madness begin!

So it is almost november--actually nine hours till november. November to most of us writers mean chaos, mayhem, vampires, lovers, sex, rock n roll and a whole host of other things that we hold so dear in our fiction. What does it mean? NANOWRIMO!!!!! I have changed my ideas so many times, it is not funny. My friend Ashe is probably getting whiplash from the man ideas I have shoved her way so far. But she knows I share cuz I love...right Ashe...right...?? Ashe????

So yes, I have finally settled on an idea that has been plaguing me for months. I am not settled on the title yet but the gist of the story is about an ex military man, who is best friend with a muslim man. They grew up together and are extremely close. The joined the military together with the promise that if one or the other should die in battle the other would take him home to his family. The female, is Supriya and she falls for the military man *giggles* of course. Yes it is IR.

I am also working on a yet to be titled novel. My friend Ashe and I have been calling it "MACY" just because I haven't been hit in the back of the head with a title yet. It is at 52K and counting. It still has a ways to go before it is finished yet. So I am putting that on the back burner until I can finish the nano story. Let's hope I make 50K this year. With school and life, and going nuts, I don't know. I make no promises but I can do it though. I wrote the 50K on the Untitled novel in a little under two weeks. I just have to stick to my goal and schedule. 5K a day until it's done right? And this year I have company so I wont be doing it alone. Ashe, the talented lady that she is will be writing a novel too!! So we can do it!

Anyways, gonna go back to cleaning so that I can be ready for Nannooooooo!

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