Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ugh Drama & News

So, a I had this huge blow up with my host--they told me a month or so ago that I couldn't use paypal to renew my website (which is what I bought it with to begin with) and that I had to use a credit card. Now seriously, I am in University, with a CRAP load of student loans, do I really need a credit card to add to my torture? So no, I don't have a credit card yet and that's for good reason--I'm a swiper...anyways...after they told me that I figured ok, I'll just let it expire and then re-buy it since who is really going to buy my domain name anyways? So there was no fear of losing it to someone else--right?

Ok, so yesterday I logged into my email to see that the host has taken out over a hundred bucks!! Ok that made me so angry! I was like, how do they say I couldn't renew using paypal and they withdrew money from my account using paypal? So needless to say I am no longer with them because I do not like it when inside a business people don't communicate or they don't know what they're talking about--you'd understand better if you knew what happened to me at school (I have to spend an extra semester because my adviser last year told me I needed a class but I didnt need it so I put off a course I should have taken in order to take the course that I didn't really need in the first place..LOOONG story) so after that, I made up my mind not to deal with people who seem not to know what they're talking about.

So now, Not only am I doing Nano and determined to finish it this time, I am also recreating my website, merging my Kendra site with my Kadian site, re-branding myself and my work, overhauling my myspaces, doing school assignments, getting ready for exams and xmas break - so yes, I know my .com for Kendra isn't working. I am working as fast as I can to fix all that. Almost there though...just need to spell check the site to make sure all is well with it because sometimes I tend to type faster than I think and mistakes are made lol.

Anyways for some good news. Those of you who follow my writing closely, will know that I was working on a story titled "LAILA, MY LOVE" after it was rejected from one house, I did some editing, a little bit of re-writing and submitted it somewhere else. To my pleasure it was accepted. Now I can't say where yet because I haven't signed the contracts etc yet. Once those are done and returned then I shall let you know.

Right--must go back to website creating and swearing at computer lol


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