Monday, January 11, 2010

Inappropriate Ring Tones and more

Hello everyone!

Happy new year! This is a blog to do a few things. First things first, I am back and is barely caught up with emails, cover request, trailer requests, banner requests etc. So give me some time. Secondly, I have to say I was shocked this morning when I checked my email and saw that Ms. Shara Azod had read my story "A LOVER'S WISH" and actually liked it! She wrote that A Lover's Wish is "A hot story," and to me she said "Well done!"

Pardon me while I flail.


Oh, do NOT click Shara's Link if you're UNDER 18.

Why am I so happy when a fellow writer says nice things about my work? Well because she is a fellow writer. And secondly, because A Lover's Wish is romance, sweet at times sensual, a bit hot, I don't think many mainstream review sites will touch it/accept it. Why? Because it's not erotica. I'm sorry but sometimes I feel like writing a heartfelt romance--you know the type that we used to read back in the day with a new 'me' twist. So, I figured I will have the same problem with getting reviews for ALW as I did for Broken Wings. I still haven't gotten it reviewed because people keeps sending it back to me saying it wasn't "chosen" to be reviewed. That irritates the HELL out of me. But them's the breaks.

Laila, My Love (Written under Kendra), has been contracted to Red Rose Publishing. It is slated for April of 2010! I have a cover for it but I am waiting for the logo to go it before I can show it off but its just what I wanted on my cover!!

Please remember that A Lover's Wish is at Devine Destinies! So grab your copy and if you'd like to send me a review for it, I'd gladly take it.

Now for the main reason I am blogging today because otherwise I would be workig on a play I am planning on submitting to my school's drama department.

So, today I had my Intro to Acting 2 class (Don't really need it to learn acting since I've been doing it since I was like eight years old but for my degree it's a must) and after it was finished, I was hot, sweaty and rushed as I hauled ass across campus to get to my Topics in Literature class (this semester we're doing Adaptations - Books turned into movies). Anyways I got there and finally class started. We were in the middle of why the Maltese Falcon is the best 1920's PI novel ever written (which I agree with) when all of a sudden we heard the sound of someone getting slapped and then "Shut up bitch!" then Ludacris's song "Move Bitch" began playing.

We all spun around to glare at this guy who had walked in FORTY minute slate to see him turning off his cell phone. It got me thinking, at what point in our lives do we get up one day and think that violence against woman would make a SWELL ringtone? And whose bright idea was that? Not only was it inappropriate, but it was just stupid. The poor teacher was glaring at him because she is heavy into women's rights. And the other guys in the room all looked as though they wanted to head a desk.

Is it ever OK, to use a ring tone like that? I mean just because it is there, doesn't mean you should put it on your phone. It's like last semester in one of my classes someone's phone rang and all you here is, "you stupid mother fucker!"

That was not OK at all and the teacher kicked the owner of the cell phone out of the room. What does it say about the person who has such a thing on their phone and proudly display it everytime the phone rings?

Anyways, I guess I am a different breed of twenty-something year old. I don't think any of that is appropraite no matter how old you are.

I'd better get the editing on that script done. Don't have much time.


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