Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boy how time flies!

Two years ago on February 27 I received an email with the sweetest words, “I would like to offer you a contract for this series.”
For most of my life I’ve wanted to be a published author and everything I’ve done–the jobs I’ve had, the English courses in college, the novel writing workshops, etc.–has revolved around this one goal. The past couple of years have been quite interesting. I’ve learned more about writing by being in the trenches. I’ve met some wonderful people and made some great friends in the publishing community. Each day I strive toward perfecting my craft and look to the time I receive ‘The Call’ from NY.
My first series I had pitched and received a contract on through eXtasy Books was The Si’Ludo Sisters. The storyline started off as a trilogy about triplet sisters who discover they have more than just human roots and powers beyond their imaginations as they find and fall in love with their lifemates.

A fourth story, The Redeemer, was added to the story line and the four stories appeared in print in September 2008. Then in 2009 I expanded the series with three more non-erotic books ~ the Si’Ludo Prophesy series. The Prophesy series is available at Devine Destinies. Both series are about beings from another world who escaped from war and destruction where the good guys have special powers and psychic vampire abilities and the bad guys are more like your blood sucking vampires. The Si’Ludo Prophesy series also won Best Series 2009 for Love Romances Café’s Best of 2009!
Over the course of the two years I’ve had the above mentioned stories released along with several others and currently I have a handful of projects in the works. My main point I’d like to make today is if you’re a new writer looking for a ‘home’ for your story, or for anyone who has a specific dream/goal, don’t give up! Writers, learn what you can about the business, research the publishing houses to make sure your story fits and go for it. Life’s too short to not attempt to make your dreams reality.
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