Friday, March 12, 2010

In Respects to OPP Officer Vu Pham

Here's a snippet from what happened:

Constable Vu Pham was shot and killed Monday after pulling over a pickup truck on a rural southwestern Ontario road. In the funeral program Pham's wife Heather says her husband was the love of her life.

Pham, originally from Vietnam, was taken in as a boy by Dan Thompson, a southwestern Ontario pastor who later moved to northern Ontario, where Pham and his three new siblings were raised. Though Pham was never officially adopted by the Thompsons, he was part of the family from the moment they took him in, Mike Thompson said.
"He became my brother and my hero."

As a person and a romance author this spoke to me. I am going to say this before I say anything else. Vu Pham was a man charged with keeping our streets and citizens safe. He was doing his job when some grown ass man who should have known better shot and killed him. Heather, Vu's wife has lost the love of her life--this was the man who promised to love her through thickness and health and some idiot took him away. Now she will go to bed at nights and still expect him there to hold her, or to hear his cell phone go off and wake up with him to help him get dressed to go on the job--her heart is broken and its all over something stupid-something senseless. As a romance author that is so heartbroken--even as a person it is sad. That angers me like you will never know.

It angers me that they know, he shot and killed Officer Pham and they are still calling him 'alleged' shooter. Alleged? You know he did it! It's like US troops dropping a bomb on Canadian Troops and call it 'Friendly Fire'

The reason I said this killer should know better is because he's SEVENTY years old...not seventeen or seven...this man was SEVENTY. This man should have known better than to pull a gun on anyone for a simple traffic stop. All he would have gotten was probably a ticket, or a warning, that's it! But instead, he thought it was a great idea to kill a cop. This man was basically pissed off at his ex-wife and goes around with a rifle in his truck. This guy has been thinking of killing someone--he had to have been. I am so tired of people being pissed off at their lousy life and taking it out on law enforcement.

But today, today is the day is not about this jerk. It's about Constable Vu Pham. He came from Vietnam I am sure to make a better life for himself and probably thought he was thanking the country that allowed him to be free here by protecting it. I am so disheartened when I hear stories like this. Constable Pham was doing something good--something honourable. Officers from all over Canada and even from the United States has come together and is paying their respects. And while I am not a police officer, I have respect for what he did, what he tried to do for us.

This blog is to pay my respects for a Constable who was loved by his friends, family, co-workers and now by Canada. He will be missed.


Violence solves NOTHING. Pulling a gun on someone is the WORSE possible thing you can do. Someone said to me that if it wasn't officer Pham, it would have been someone else. It still doesn't make it better. It doesn't take away from the fact that someone is dead and never coming back. It doesn't take away from the fact that someone's husband is gone, someone's son, someone's brother--It's still heartbreaking so that bullshit kind of logic is irritating--keep that kinda crap to yourself. We need to find a way to limit the way people get and own weapons. I don't care if you need it for hunting or what--not every moron who think he/she needs a gun should be able to buy a gun.

I am not going to turn this into a push for better gun control, but let's face it, we need it.

Hugs to all,

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