Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Viva Los Mineros! Viva Chile!

It is always amazing when something wonderful happens in the world. Lastnight I stayed up way past my bed time to watch the first of the 33 Chilean miners (well actually there are 32 Chileans and 1 Bolivian) get rescued. Today at work, even though I don't think I am allowed, I spent my day refreshing CNN's page for a while counting down as one by one these brave men are brought home. The pathetic thing is, the people commenting on the blog at CNN keep talking about God and whether or not he exist or who's God is better and it occurred to me, no matter how long people live, they will never learn.

Today isn't about the existance of God, it is not who's god is better, who's dick is longer or who's country is bettter. It is about 33 amazing men who were trapped and almost died. It is about a country that rallied behind them and had their backs helping and protecting them. It is about human being's tolerance to overcome things that should kill them. It is REALLY pathetic when we as people, cannot simply agree to disagree and move on with it.

Why it went to religion is beyond me and I am sickened to think that there are such idiots out there. People have to learn that there is a time and place for everything and the time is not right for the place they are in.

These miners are amazing human beings who've managed to stay alive in a dark abyss for over two months. They worked together, eat together, encouraged each other, loved each other--they are the perfect example that we can live in peace with each other. It is a perfect example that we can, as human beings, tolerate, love and support each other. Because the world has open its arms to these 33 and their country...

To the people of Chile - you have given me a renewed belief, that as human beings we can support each other and be happy for each other. You've taught me personally, that love really do exist and we just have to reach out there and accept it when offered. You've taught me that there is no shame in asking for help when it is needed and accepting help even if not asked for but offered. You've taught me there is no shame in men crying and hugging each other because lets face it the world today is one, giant, homophobic mess. I have learned so much from you, and I am VERY thankful.

To the miners - your strength and faith shows me that it is possible to believe in something bigger than myself. You've shown me that I can believe in the people of my country for the most part because they will never leave me behind. You've shown me that love of work, family and friends, country and strangers really do make us stronger...welcome back to the world!

The God (which ever you believe in) bless and keep you all.

Viva Los Mineros!!
Viva Chile!
Viva world!


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