Saturday, July 23, 2011

The hell is going on?

This is one of those days I am hoping will end well. You know the kind when you wake up and just wonder why in the hell you’re up? Then you remember…shit! You have to go to work on a weekend for seven hours. So I wake up right, and I dragged my ass out of bed, took a shower, then got dressed. I crawled back into bed. I snoozed for about ten minutes then got up, made my bed and left the house. I was actually way ahead of schedule. It started to go bad when I forgot to grab my bus pass and had to run back up the stairs to get it. By the time I was out the door again, I was just on time. At seven oh two I was at the bus stop, waiting for the bus. One bus passed me at seven fifteen but that wasn’t my bus. At seven twenty I began worrying and by the time seven twenty rolled around I was beginning to make alternate plans inside my head.

Finally at seven twenty three two bus turned the corner. I figured, I may just be able to make it to work on time as is—I wouldn’t be able to stop for snacks but I can make it. So the first bus wasn’t mine but the one behind it was. The one behind the wrong bus slowed down, to get around the first bus and sped off down the street. I was so MAD…I was standing there, for about half an hour and this ass just drove right by! I could feel my heart to racing, and my whole body went cold as I curled my first and wanted to scream but couldn’t. I watched the bus get smaller in the distance before finally pulling it together and glancing down at my cell phone that was flashing seven thirty back at me. I stood there, just shaking wondering what I was going to do now.

Taking a breath, I called my mom. She was still in bed because she worked all week and I am a proud supporter of her sleep but I had no choice. The moment she heard my voice she knew something was wrong. The flood gates opened then I cried telling her the bus was late and didn’t even stop! She, being mom, said she would come get me.

Why did I cry? I’m the kind of person is when I get really angry, I still don’t want to hurt anyone so I turn my anger into crying. It gets really bad when I am helpless in the thing that made me so incensed in the first place. And trust me…all I wanted to do then was find the jerk driving that bus and drop kick him into the middle of the next millennium. So anyways, my mom came and rescued me—dropping me off at work with ten minutes to spare….All that drama and it’s not even ten o’clock in the morning yet! Now…I wonder when my breaks are…my tummy is a rumbling….


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