Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Year in Review!

I know, I haven't been around for a while but in 2012, it's going to be so different! I plan on blogging on everything!! I would like to take this opening to tell you what I'm doing, what I have coming etc. But first, I'd like to wish you all a happy holiday season. Be safe. Stay warm and see you in 2012!  I will also be trying to book Blog tour dates with other authors so I will post that once I have somewhere set up.

I have released Broken Wings and Destiny's Cowboy! They have stunning covers. One was made by me (Broken Wings) and the other by my cover Guru!  I had to do some re-work on BROKEN WINGS and DESTINIES COWBOY and once those were done, I have them brand spanking new covers and put them out there again. They are both at Amazon for Kindle!

What I'm working on:
Firstly, I am working on a title called SARANHAE. It takes place in South Korea (Seoul and Chuncheon). It is Interracial about a woman who, as a child she was a military brat. Her mom died and her father moves them to South Korea where he was stationed. At about fifteen her father realized she was getting closed to a South Korean boy, flipped a lid and shipped her to live with her Aunt in Canada. Now she's grown up and well, relationships haven't been the best.  She now returnes to South Korea to find this boy, now a hot, older man to see if she can rekindle something with him.

I am working exclusively on this one because it is for a series one of my publishing houses is developing.

What's Here:

The SHADOWCAT Series is complete! Re's Redemption was released Halloween Day at Devine Destinies! If you haven't read Re's Curse  (book 1)- you can find it as well at Devine Destinies.

What is Coming:

What you Do to Me  This story is hotter than I usually write but it was called for. I mean look at the title! I don't have a cover for it yet because Devine Destinies, just contracted it, but I am going to make sure they make me something REALLY hot for it *giggles* I am so excited.  Here's the blurb. Kelin Chase is educated and ready to face the working world. When she accepts a nanny job with Henry Quartermaine, it was only for the money. Then she meets little Emily-May and she falls hard for the child. But soon things happen and she has to stand toe to toe with one with Henry Quartermaine.

Having Kelin stand up to him both angered Henry Quartermaine and turned him on. His body burns for her in ways he couldn't understand but yearned to explore. But how can he get past Kelin's dislike for most of his family? How can he prove to her the Quartermaine's aren't evil monsters and that she should stay with him--not only as a nanny, but forever?

Kadian (Kendra)


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