Monday, June 11, 2012

What's New!

Hello Everyone!

There are going to be some changes coming re my writing and what I write.  First, you may have noticed the look of my blog has changed again.  I like this lighter, colourful side to it. I think I will keep it for a while yet.  The darker side was starting to bum me out. Also, I will be getting involved in more guest blogging, blog hops etc. 

No, I will NOT stop writing Interracial stuff because, let's face it, it's ma thang! lol But I will be picking up writing a little more out of the contemporary genre (after Taking a Chance) and try other things.  Right now I have TWO out of the contemporary genre stories in the works and I am hoping they actually pan out because I have been spending TONS of time on them.  One is a paranormal, shifter/immortal kind of deal and the other is a space-ie/Armageddon kind of deal.  But as most of you know, I started that cuts into a huge chunk of my time.  

The heat level in my writing will change. No, it will not be erotic but my females are going to be a little more--what's the word.....sexier...they are going to be curvier and more like a regular woman. 

I will be attempting at writing a book with my baby sister. You can find her blog here.  We will have to hash out what we're writing and where we want it to go but it's something we've been talking about for a few years now. I am going to kidnap her and see if she is willing to do flash fics from time to time for this blog. If she agrees then it would give you guys something to come here for rather than random rants from time to time, right? So that's the plan there.

Speaking of Flash Fics....I will be jumping on that badwagon and doing some of my own.  My sure what days I will use since everyone else is using hump days and what-not but I am going to think maybe Thursdays but who knows? 

What else...Oh right, I've added some taps on the blog--with my latest release, What I'm writing -- that kind of stuff.  Please check those out...

More to come as I re-vamp. Right if you are on twitter, you can find me @kendramechailyn 


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