Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wiff-Fic - Mara's Perfection

She wasn't supposed to have wandered away from the King's men. But Mara just could not stand their prying eyes much longer.  The moment they turned their bags, she pulled her hood atop her head and darted off in the opposite direction.   She did not hear them calling for her, so she assumed she'd escaped their clutches. It was the day the day Mara met Coane. The moment she saw him,  the world was perfect.  The rain was gone and was replaced by a soft fog covering the lush green of the Golei forests.  Every breath was of fresh, fragrant air and every step caused her skin to be kissed with sunlight peeking through the leaves of the tall trees above. The day she knew he was her life mate, was the same day she laid eyes on him, in her perfect day.   Coanne looked at her, through long hair blowing into his face from the window behind him. He dressed of nobility and had a elegance about him no man should ever have.  So tempting, so absolutely seductive, she trembled beneath his hard look, expressionless, handsome face.

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