Monday, December 7, 2009

Remember when...

...Grease was the word?

...Living on the Down Low meant you were living a secret life/having an affair and had nothing with being secretly gay? like "Rocky Stead" by The Whispers and "My Best friend" by Kelly Price featuring R.Kelly and Ron Isely was REAL music.

...When "Move bitch get out the way!" was not acceptable on television, radio or anywhere for that matter? could go to a concert with like 60 000 other people and had a good time without worring about catching a bullet?

...your children could walk home from school without you fearing that some low life would snatch them away?

...Boys walked around with their pants at their waists and didn't look like plumbers? could buy your kids any CD/Casette/record without looking at the back because you know there wouldn't be anything offensive in the music?

...Patrick Swayze was sexy as hell just because he danced and no one thought it was 'gay'?

...children didn't bring guns to school?

...condoms weren't being given to thirteen year olds? used to say 'yes sir' 'no ma'am' and not up 'yours?'

...our elders were revered for the knowledge they could pass down and not being abused?

...our war vets were respected, the flag was set at half mast during memorial/veteran's day?

...guys used to pick up their dates at the girl's home, meet the parents before taking their daughter's out?

...saying 'I do' did not mean "I will sleep with you but if you say no one night I shall find someone else who will scratch my itch."

...falling in love was something everyone sought and a good love story made us cry?

...watching movies under the stars was the IT thing?

...lying on your back staring up on the stars was better than and TV show Disney or anyone else could cook up?

...getting a degree (BA) in university meant you could actually get a job in that field and not work at McDonalds while trying to pay off student loans?

...having a job that paid the bills was respected no matter if you were working as a CEO or washing dishes? wanted to work and take care of their women and not the other way around?

...friendship meant something--something to be loved and protected and did not mean shove the knife a little deeper---now twist?

...having a shoulder to cry on meant just that and not "where the bed at?"

...having a boyfriend didn't mean ignore all your friends?

...when double dating didn't mean orgy (excluding the 60's lol)?

...girls would have each other's backs?

...two guys could hug without others looking at it as a 'homosexual' thing to do?

...having a few pounds over 120 lbs was looked at as sexy and not a sentence to loneliness for life? (We're talking renaissance here but hey!)

...saying I love you didn't make you a sucka?

...girls used to say "let's wait a while..." didn't mean her boyfriend suddenly didn't love her anymore?

....smoking in public was frowned upon?

...boys wouldn't haul up a lugi (phlegm) and spit it in front of a woman?

Ahh the good old times.

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